What a great time it was at SATTE!

We had a great time at SATTE, we met so many people and learnt so much! The Turtle Down Under team had the chance to speak to many industry professionals as well as other travelling businesses. We had the chance to showcase our company to individuals alike and build strong relations.

Showcasing at SATTE has been has allowed us to not only meet new people but build relations with other businesses and travel agents wanting to partner with us. TDU loves to socialise and this was the perfect opportunity to do so within the exhibit. It’s one thing to interact with everyone via technology but we believe in making connections through face-to-face interactions!
Attending the event allowed us to gain insight and scope where the tourism / travel industry is heading, which allowed us to get direct valuable feedback.

The possibilities are endless and we can’t wait to go back next year and experience this all over again! Visit turtledownunder.co.nz for more information about us and contact us for any and all enquiries!