Add New Zealand to your bucket list!

New Zealand is filled with many landmarks for travellers to explore. Every inch of this island has something beautiful to offer, whether it be scenic views, mesmerizing sunsets or epic mountains to hike up, there is always to keep travellers wanting more. We have curated a list of top 5 landmarks for travellers to add to their bucket list!

  1. Moeraki Boulders
    Theses fascinating rocks are a must see in New Zealand, their perfect spherical form contradicts any nature made formation. Māori myth suggests that these boulders are in fact the debris of a massive waka (canoe).
  2. Craters of the Moon
    If hiking is your jam, then prepare for this sweet hike up the Craters of the Moon. The name gives it away, the chunk of land has huge craters with seething gouts of steam. Travellers will feel like they’re on a different plant as the steam and uneven ground puts forth a otherworldly appearance.
  3. The Sky Tower
    The Sky Tower is the tallest in the Southern Hemisphere, with construction beginning in 1994 and finished in 1997, this building has been a cult favourite since it’s completion. This humongous building attracts all thrill-seeking travellers.
  4. Huka Falls
    The Huka Falls is the most visited attractions in NZ, with the word Huka in Māori meaning ‘foam’, these falls offer much more than a pretty view, travellers can enjoy mountain biking, swimming, birdwatching, and canoeing.
  5. Tongariro Crossing
    All LotR enthusiast will be familiar with this location. Tongariro Crossing offers one of the most beautiful day hikes travellers will experience. Travellers can discover unique landforms over a 19.4-kilometer hike. Tongariro Crossing offers a fantasy like experience for tourists.

Doesn’t this sound amazing
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