Feel revived in New Zealand!

A trip to remember!
Book in travellers for a memorable adventure in New Zealand for a trip they will remember. Individuals can travel from Auckland to Queenstown for a spectacular journey filled with glaciers, geysers, mountains, Māori settlements, cool cities, and even cooler mountain climbing adventure. New Zealand is truly a place to revitalise your sense of wonder.

NZ is home to the Harbour Bridge, wonderful fish’n’chip shops and a spectacular view of the Hunderwassert Art Center. Travellers can experience fast boat rides, parasailing as they embrace the natural beauty of Paihia.  Auckland is the prime hub for adrenaline junkies who love to bungee jump and Skywalk, as they can view the iconic Harbour Bridge from the sky. There are plenty of other attractions for those who prefer to keep their two feet on the ground.

Like no other
A one-of-a-kind trip to remember and experience it with people alike, discover unique terrains and locations within NZ and capture precious moment. Go from skydiving to kayaking to fulfil the hunger for adventure. Let your travellers be in-depth explorers and take on NZ!

Doesn’t this sound amazing?
The Big Tiki in New Zealand is a trip to remember, travellers will spend time taking in the scenic visuals and breath-taking historic monuments. Book your clients a trip to NZ with Turtle Down Under’s travel packages. Your agent dashboard will be the catalyst in creating travel itineraries suitable for each traveller. Utilize our Shell Technology feature to add, edit and sell in just seconds and be the expert with Turtle Down Under.